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Amanda Sutherland and the creative journey

Amanda Sutherlands experience in design and creativity has been the ultimate journey which has been both exciting and challenging at times. " doing anything else other than making and designing never seemed enough, therefore i adapted my life to suit my ambitious ideas, to the point that there really never is a dull moment in the workroom".

Although i was an extremely creative child, i realised that this would continue into my proffessional life when i took on over 4 years of fashion design studies at The London Colllege of Fashion.

This learning curve paved the way for me to continue into my new found love "costume design" where i went onto work in Londons West End on numerous productions, including Jesus Christ Superstar, Fringe theatre productions and then onto my buyers role at The Royal Opera House selecting never ending fabrics, designs and braids for both the ballet and opera wardrobe.

Throughout the following years i continued to work within London gaining valuable experience working alongside one of the most high end bridal wear designers, and working as a freelance designer and supervisor on many fashion lead projects.

Working as a costumier in one of the worlds larget costume designer opened my eyes to the possibilities of combining traditional and modern design, where i continued to design, style and produce costumes and accessories for both stage and screen whilst working on and promoting my own unique accessories label.

This was an exciting , if not extremely challenging part of my career and made me want, more than ever to set up my own fashion business by producing beautiful made to order accessories for my own clients.

Amanda Sutherland Beautiful Accessories was set up in 2002 from my London workshop where i enjoyed many years of working with brides and assisting them in making their wedding day extra special. I also supplied an exclusive range of accessories to various boutiques in order to establish the collection and raise my profile within the bridal industry.

After featuring on BBC2 Escape to the country we did actually escape to the Suffolk countryside where i managed to set up my luxurious showroom where I continued to meet my clients to assist them in creating their perfect accessories.

In 2010 the "Boutique accessories" range was launched which consisted of stunning everyday ladies cloche, trilby and ladies fashion hats.

The range has continued to grow over the past few years and have taken on an eco, upcyled feel with the use of the amazing jewellery range constructed from aluminum cans and hat trims sculptured from ties and vintage bands.

The hat stall is located in Cambridge and forms part of the All Saints saturday craft market, showcasing new designs on a weekly basis, and giving me the chance to talk to my customers and assist them in finding the perfect accessories

The Making Boutique is the latest addition to the creative journey and allows me to bring together the techniques that i have acquired over the last 20 years and share with like minded creative crafters within my beautiful workroom.

Since launching the Boutique range, the response has been amazing. Teamed with the high level of demand for the boutique accessories,the ongoing diary of workshops and the bridal clients, what started as twisting a few wires and threading a few pearls has turned into a beautifully stunning creative empire.